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Manifest Beauty

Manifest Hair Growth Serum

Manifest Hair Growth Serum

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Manifest Hair Growth Serum

Stimulates Growth for thicker and fuller hair. 

For all Hair Types,Color Safe

All Natural Hair Products

Instructions: Conduct a 24 Hour Patch Test before full scalp application. Apply to scalp once daily for best Results. Lite itching is Normal during use. Do Not Rinse Out



Natural Hair Growth Oil -- Mega Growth Hair Oil with Babassu jojoba Oil Herb Infused oil - Hair Growth Serum Hair growth products. Alopecia No Problem!

Revive and nourish your hair and scalp with the Manifest Beauty Hair Growth Serum. Specially formulated with the finest natural ingredients, this luxurious hair care product is designed to promote healthy hair growth, improve scalp health, and enhance overall hair vitality.

Key Features:

Handcrafted Perfection: Each bottle of Manifest Beauty Hair Growth Serum is meticulously handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Our artisans infuse a harmonious blend of potent botanical extracts and oils, combining age-old traditions with modern hair care expertise.

Stimulate Hair Growth: Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair. Our scalp oil is enriched with nutrient-rich oils that penetrate deep into the scalp, revitalizing hair follicles and stimulating natural hair growth. Experience the joy of thicker, longer, and more resilient hair.

Soothe and Nourish Scalp: Manifest Beauty Hair Growth Serum is formulated to soothe dry, itchy, and irritated scalps. Its blend of nourishing oils moisturizes the scalp, reducing flakiness and promoting a healthy environment for hair to flourish.

Improve Hair Texture: Achieve luscious, soft, and manageable hair with this enriching scalp oil. The carefully selected natural ingredients work to improve hair texture, reducing frizz and split ends, leaving your hair or locs looking and feeling radiant.

Versatile and Easy to Use: Suitable for all hair types, our Manifest Beauty Hair Growth Serum can be used as a leave-in treatment, hot oil treatment, or as a scalp massage oil. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula ensures easy application and quick absorption, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without any hassle.

Experience the difference with   - Manifest Hair Growth Serum a product born from a passion for natural hair care and a commitment to providing the best for your hair and scalp.

Sunflower, Grapeseed, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hydrogenated Palm (and) Palm Kernel Glycerides, Sulphur, fragrance

DISCLAIMER: Products contain herbs and essential oils, it you are allergic to these types of items please don't use the products, not liable or responsible for illness or allergic reaction. Please read instruction and always do the 24 hour skin test as stated.

All Sales Are Finale No Refunds Because Of The Nature Of The Products

Always do a patch test 24 hours prior to application.

1. Part hair into 1/4 sections and apply directly to your entire scalp.
(If wearing a protective style place spout between braids or tracks and lightly apply serum.)

2. Massage scalp after application for 1 to 3 minutes.

3. Leave in, wash your hair once a week or every two weeks.
(Use serum every day for best results)

Take before pictures and measure your hair to accurately monitor your progress.
(Re-measure and track results every 7 - 14 days)

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